Thanks, EPA: Vacation and Business Travel Just Got More Expensive

It’s fair to say that part of the American Dream entails the occasional hard-earned vacation to a popular tourist spot. Perhaps you want to take the kids to Disney World, or visit family on the other side of the country. Perhaps, in order to position yourself to take such trips, you first need to engage in business travel. Either way, your pursuit of happiness just got more difficult thanks to President Barack Obama and his Environmental Protection Agency. From the New York Times:


The Obama administration on Wednesday said it would regulate greenhouse gas emissions from airplanes, a move that could significantly strengthen President Obama’s environmental legacy, but also present major new challenges for the airline industry.

The Environmental Protection Agency found that emissions from airplanes endanger human health because of their contribution to global warming. That finding does not yet impose specific new requirements on airlines, but instead requires the agency to develop the new rules…

…the airline industry contends that it has already worked aggressively to reduce fuel use and increase efficiency, and that demands to do even more could raise costs. Airlines are looking into new technologies and alternatives like carbon-neutral — but expensive — biofuels.

A natural market incentive exists to use less fuel and run a more efficient operation. That’s real regulation, market regulation. The bureaucratic variety is neither necessary nor welcome.

This news stands as yet another example of how the green movement threatens far more than it claims to protect. Earlier this year, the chief greenhouse gas scientist at NOAA told a public radio audience that combating anthropogenic climate change would require reducing carbon emissions to zero. In practical terms, that means ending human civilization.


Why is it so difficult to argue against this nonsense? Would you treat cancer with a bullet to your head? When will American society wake up to the fact that the solutions presented by green fascists eclipse alleged problems in destructive consequences?


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