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Next On the Obama Agenda: Destroying the Marine Corps


Finally found a use for a Jarhead

No surprise here; our bon vivant president is made profoundly uncomfortable around real men:

Manpower officials have announced suspension of the Corps’ Voluntary Separation Pay program for officers and enlisted Marines, as the service begins nearing its drawdown targets that will reduce the ranks to 182,000 by the end of 2017. The program was a voluntary force-shaping program rolled out in 2013 that offered Marines a lump-sum payout to leave the service early. Carefully targeted only to Marines in overpopulated ranks and military occupational specialties, VSP amounted to six-figure payouts for some. An eligible gunnery sergeant with 16 years of service, for example, would receive $161,291 before taxes under the payout program.

The VSP program is suspended as it is no longer required to meet end-strength requirements or force shaping efforts,” Marine administrative message 279/15 states.

Thanks to the smashing victories in Afghanistan and Iraq,and the end of the so-called War on Terror, about 21,000 Marines are being let go. Who needs the Marines when you have toy drones at your disposal? Onward, not-so-Christian soldiers.