This One Weird Trick Will End California's Drought

Wait for the flooding rains:

Less than a year ago, the southern Plains was faced with an extreme drought with the worst conditions reaching from central Texas through the Oklahoma Panhandle. This has changed significantly for the better, particularly over the past several weeks as round after round of rain and thunderstorms have soaked the region.

May has been an especially wet month as record rain fall has caused severe flooding and has claimed the lives of over a dozen people. “On the positive side of all of the flooding, the record-breaking rainfall amounts have acted to all but erase the drought across the Plains,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Becky Elliott.

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, last year at this time, more than 71 percent of Texas was classified as being in a moderate drought and nearly 50 percent of the state was in a severe drought. Since then, these numbers have plummeted, with the severe drought conditions being completely eliminated and only 5 percent of Texas remaining in a moderate drought. Similar numbers can be used to describe the significant decrease in drought conditions in Oklahoma as well.

Additional rounds of rain through the weekend and into the upcoming week may completely eliminate all of the drought conditions in this portion of the country.


One of the problems with California, where “environmentalist” Luddites and a literally lunatic Governor Moonbeam have conspired to make things worse with their water-use policies, is that it’s heavily populated by urban easterners who moved west for the climate but forgot about the rain bit. Gullies — such as the Los Angeles River — all over the west testify to the boom-and-bust cycle of rainfall west of the continental divide, while the “climate change” bugbear induces panic in their zero-sum brains. The media’s obsession with “historic” (read: coincidental) events doesn’t help, either.

Chicken-Little “Progressivism” — it destroys everything it touches, including the Golden State.


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