Video: White House Expects Apology From Senator for Implying Obama's Sexist (Update: No Apology )

The “civil war” among Democrats over President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership trade bill is getting more delicious by the minute. It has now escalated to the point that the White House is awaiting an apology from Sen. Sherrod Brown for suggesting  that  Obama’s remarks regarding Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s opposition are sexist.  


In recent days, the president has been lashing out at Democrat critics of the bill in the same demagogic fashion he usually reserves for Republicans.  He has repeatedly singled out  Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), saying she’s ”absolutely wrong” about its provisions.

Obama addressed Warren’s claim that the TPP could potentially allow future presidents to roll back the Dodd-Frank regulation of Wall Street by blasting the American-Indian senator’s logic.

“She’s absolutely wrong,” he said. ”Think about the logic of that, right? The notion that I had this massive fight with Wall Street to make sure that we don’t repeat what happened in 2007, 2008. And then I sign a provision that would unravel it? I’d have to be pretty stupid, and it doesn’t make any sense … There is no evidence that this could ever be used in this way. This is pure speculation. She and I both taught law school, and you know, one of the things you do as a law professor is you spin out hypotheticals.”

He added that “her arguments don’t stand the test of fact and scrutiny.” Left-wing presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) is also among those in fierce opposition to the TPP, saying it “follows in the footsteps of other disastrous trade agreements that have cost us millions of jobs,” but Obama ripped that type of logic as being “based on fears.”


Obama has also suggested — as is his wont — that his critics are motivated by crass political considerations.

Some lefty politicos like Brent Budowsky are enraged. This type of character assassination is only okay when it is directed at conservatives, you see. Via The Observer, here is one of the most un-self-aware comments ever made by a liberal political pundit:

Mr. Obama’s tirades on trade have included accusations that these liberal Democrats are ignorant about trade policy, insincere when offering their opinions, motivated by politics and not the national interest, and backward looking towards the past. Obama’s repeated attacks against Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), in which he charged that Warren’s concern about the trade bill is motivated not by a reasoned view of what is right for America but by her personal political motivations, is one of the most dishonest and repellent examples of character assassination and contempt by any American president, against any leading member of his own party, in my lifetime.

Since 2008, this president has engaged in the politics of demonization against Republicans. He’s used dishonest and ad hominem attacks against his Republican opponents and critics for over seven years. And this guy from the Observer is only noticing it now?


So uber-lefty Senator Sherrod Brown retaliated by engaging in the same sort of identity politics libs usually reserve for the right, calling the president “sexist” for repeatedly calling Senator Warren by her first name.

See what I mean about “delicious”?

“I’m confident after he has gotten a chance to take a look at the comments he made yesterday that he’ll find a way to apologize,” Earnest said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Earnest later sought to clarify he “didn’t dictate” whether Brown should apologize.

At his daily press briefing, The spokesman said he “wouldn’t necessarily expect a public apology” from the Ohio senator.



It appears no apology will be forthcoming:

Via The Hill:

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) brushed aside a suggestion from the White House that he should apologize to President Obama for implying that Obama’s criticism of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) was sexist.

Brown was asked on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” to respond to White House press secretary Josh Earnest, who said he was “confident” that Brown would apologize.

“Do you have any apologies to offer to the president about [those] comments,” Andrea Mitchell, the show’s host, asked Brown.

“I don’t want this to be personal either way,” Brown said.

“This to me is about how we put people to work, and how our workers are retrained, and how we enforce trade rules and take care of those workers that inevitably lose their jobs from wrong-headed trade agreements.”




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