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Want to Cheat Death? Then Avoid These Hot Spots

If being the victim of a homicide is not your thing, you might want to pay attention to this map:

A Brazilian think tank has released a macabre interactive map, which exposes the nations where people are most likely to be murdered – with Latin American nations coming top.

The Homicide Map, compiled using the most recently available date from 2012, lays bare how a third of the world’s 450,000 murders were against victims in Central America, South America and the Caribbean, despite the fact that less than a tenth of the world’s population lives in this region.

And when specific nations are considered, El Salvador, Venezuela and Brazil are the places where murders are most common, according to the map by the Igarapé think tank.

Robert Muggah, the founder of the think tank, explained in a report on the Igarapé website that violence tends to be highly concentrated, meaning victims are most likely to be young, black or mixed race men who live in poor communities.

You can find the map at the link above. And enjoy your next visit south of the border!