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More Questions Than Answers Remain in the Bizarre Case of Victor Hill

One of metro Atlanta’s strangest incidents in a long time isn’t getting any clearer. After Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill allegedly shot a woman 43 miles away from his jurisdiction over the weekend, he has minimally cooperated with authorities while Gwinnett County authorities seek to speak with him about the case.

Gwinnett officials said Hill called 911 Sunday night, saying he accidentally shot his friend, realtor Gwenevere McCord in her office as they “practiced police tactics.”

Porter said not everything said in the call matches the evidence gathered, specifically the locations of the victim and the weapons.

Officials also want to question Hill about who he called and when.

“A number of members of his command staff were there. We are interested in interviewing them to try and determine who did he call first, what was said in those calls,” Porter said.

While Porter said Hill’s refusal to talk won’t hinder the investigation, he said it could affect what charges might be filed.

“He did to a certain extent cooperate with the investigation,” Porter told WSB’s Sandra Parrish.  “He just didn’t give a statement. I would qualify it as cooperative or uncooperative, it’s just the way it is.”

Meanwhile, Hill finally released a statement that referred to the incident as an accident and did not address the investigation.

“As reported, on May 3, 2015, I was involved in a tragic and heartbreaking accident,” Hill said in a statement just before 12:40 p.m Tuesday. “Gwenevere McCord, who is very dear to me, was critically injured in this accident. Please understand that for the past 48 hours, I have been entirely focused on Gwenevere and her family. I will continue to pray unceasingly for her recovery. I ask you all to please pray for Gwenevere and her family throughout this most difficult time.”

Featured image courtesy of Kent D. Johnson/AJC