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DNC Sanctions 6 Televised Opportunities For MSM To Not Ask Hillary Any Real Questions

For you fans of bad theater…

The Democratic National Committee announced Tuesday that they will sanction six presidential debates beginning this fall, giving Hillary Clinton’s challengers a limited number of chances to confront the former secretary of state on the debate stage.

“We’ve always believed that we would have a competitive primary process, and that debates would be an important part of that process,” DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in a press release.

The mere fact that Wasserman-Schultz is still in charge should give Republicans plenty of hope, no matter how much “inevitable” the press and the GOP establishment tell us Mrs. Bill is.

Team Clinton and those in the press committed to her election (everyone but the New York Times it would seem) have done a lot of work laying the ground rules for what her Divine Madameship can be asked or called. Fourteenth Century kings didn’t have as many dos and don’ts. By the time the DNC’s Kabukifest hits the airwaves the moderators may only be allowed to say, “Thank you for being here, Secretary Clinton.”

The upside to this for both her Democratic challengers and the Republicans is that any prolonged exposure (more than 5 minutes, usually) to a camera in a live setting is usually disastrous for the least likable woman in the world. There is the story of Hillary Clinton, then there is Hillary Clinton herself. One is nice and one frightens children.

Of course, the media entities involved will do all they can to keep these debates as close to round table script readings as possible to provide Hillary some cover. They can’t, however, control that pinched, angry look she flashes whenever the slightest thing in the universe fails to show her deference.

Younger voters who have only heard the story of Hillary Clinton until now will find sleep a bit less forthcoming once they see that.