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GoFundMe: Leftist Tool

Not content with shutting down a fund for some Christian bakers who fell afoul of the gay mafia, the Leftist trolls behind the crowd-sourcing site GoFundMe have just pulled the plug on a defense fund for the six Baltimore police officers hastily and very likely irresponsibly charged in the Freddie Gray affair:

The Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police created a GoFundMe page for the six officers who were charged Friday in the death of Freddie Gray—but it lasted for less than an hour before being removed from the site.

The Fraternal Order of Police, a union representing Baltimore City police officers, set a fundraising goal of $600,000 to pay for the living expenses of the six officers, who were placed on unpaid suspension after they were charged in Gray’s death. In 41 minutes, the page raised $1,135.

It’s unclear whether GoFundMe deleted the fundraiser set up for the six officers, but the FOP posted on its Facebook page, “Apparently our GoFundMe account has been suspended with no explanation. We are working to find a new site for donations. Thank you!”

The Washington Post has some background:

As crowdfunding platforms increasingly become key culture war weapons, at least one company has attempted to clarify who can – and cannot – appeal for donations on their site. GoFundMe added “discriminatory” campaigns to the list of causes that can’t find a home there, a week after the company’s decision last week to remove a fundraising page for a bakery facing a hefty fine for violating a state discrimination law.

GoFundMe’s terms of service now exclude “campaigns in defense of formal charges or claims of heinous crimes, violent, hateful, sexual or discriminatory acts,” the company announced in a Wednesday blog post. The site also added language clarifying that GoFundMe “reserves the right to share the content from a deleted campaign with law enforcement, donors or stated beneficiaries who wish to file a police report about any misuse of fundraising.”

Now you know what GoFundMe is. Act accordingly.