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McConnell Expects 'Vigorous Debate' Over Iran Bill Before He Caves on That, Too

Hardball Mitch is ready to rumble…

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday he wants to pass a “sensible” bipartisan bill giving Congress the right to review an international nuclear agreement with Iran but made clear he expects lawmakers to introduce a wide variety of amendments to the legislation.

“I still expect to see a vigorous debate this week. I still expect to see a robust amendment process,” McConnell said in a Senate speech before debate on the bill began on Tuesday.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 19-0 last week for a compromise version of the Iran Nuclear Review Act in a rare display of bipartisan unity in the deeply divided Congress.

But some U.S. Republicans have introduced amendments seeking to toughen the bill, raising the possibility of a partisan battle that could complicate the measure’s chances of passing.

Remember, a “sensible bipartisan” bill means it doesn’t offend anyone or really do anything. Once language is introduced that could hold our rogue chief executive in check, “Kumbaya” stops playing and those dastardly conservatives are grinding the Senate to a halt.

Call me jaded (or well informed and in possession of functioning memory), but I think the more the MSM gives McConnell a chance to be the good guy by kneecapping conservatives, the better the odds that he’ll dance for them. They know it. Democrat leadership knows it. You and I know it.

Mitch McConnell is probably the only one who doesn’t understand what’s going on here.