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Obama Takes Cheap Shot at FL Gov. Rick Scott During Sparsely Attended Everglades Speech

President Barack Obama could not resist taking a cheap shot at Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) while he was visiting the governor’s state Wednesday afternoon.

The thinly veiled insult came during the president’s speech at the Florida Everglades, which only a small handful of Floridians attended.

The speech was televised by Al Jazeera America but none of the major cable news networks, according to Mediaite.

As the president made his case for taking action on climate change, he scoffed at one denier in particular who supposedly refuses to even allow the words “climate change” to be said in his state. A key component of the left’s strategy to impose their policies on the populace is to mock and ridicule those who don’t go along with the program. The idea is to force everyone into accepting their hard- left agenda through peer pressure. So it was important for Obama to isolate and  mock a powerful governor who doesn’t buy their hysterical claims about global warming. It’s Alinsky 101:

Describing climate change as a “bipartisan” issue, Obama said that people all over the country know “simply refusing to say the words ‘climate change’ doesn’t mean that climate change isn’t happening,” laughing as he made the remarks and drawing applause. “If you’ve got a coming storm, you don’t stick your head in the sand, you prepare for the storm.”

“Protecting the one planet we’ve got is what we have to do for the next generation,” Obama continued, saying he wants his grandchildren — “a long time from now” — to enjoy the Everglades just like those who lived before them.

Obama’s  audience understood that the reference was meant for Governor Scott, who has allegedly banned the words “climate change” from being used by state workers in any official correspondence — which is kinda funny, if true.  (Those of us who don’t live in Florida, and/or don’t watch MSNBC, had to Google that stunning Chris Hayes scoop because it hasn’t exactly gone viral.)

Gov. Scott, who is one of many Republicans to remind the world he’s “not a scientist,” has denied that there is any written policy banning the words “climate change,” but others who worked in the Florida Department of Environmental Protection said that is was expressed verbally.

Meanwhile, radio talk show host Laura Ingraham had the best come-back line for the trash-talking president: