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VIDEO: 2 ObamaCare Critics Tell Their IRS Horror Stories

With tax day upon us, an Emmy-winning television show has aired a timely reminder of the horrors that can be inflicted on regular citizens when the IRS attacks.

A recent episode of “Facing Life Head-On” features two ObamaCare critics telling their shocking story about being targeted by the IRS.

“This should take care of you doing public interviews,” an IRS agent allegedly told one of the critics after he went public about getting dropped from his plan in the Fall of 2013.

Entitled “The Victims of ObamaCare,” the show explored how Obamacare is negatively impacting America’s standard of medical care and featured ObamaCare victim Bill Elliott and his health insurance broker, C. Steven Tucker, both of whom, ended up victims of IRS targeting that November. In fact – they received their audit letters on the same day.

Elliott, a South Carolinian who voted for Obama in 2008, had his health insurance policy canceled while he was in middle of cancer treatment, and had given up all hope of recovering because a new insurance plan under Obamacare was too expensive. Tucker, an insurance broker from Chicago, decided to get involved after watching Elliott tell his sad tale on the Megyn Kelly Show.

He informed Elliott that it was illegal for his insurer to cancel his policy under section 2742 of 1996 HIPAA law. Elliott contacted SC Governor Nikki Haley, and together they faxed over the HIPAA clause to his insurance company and his policy was restored the very next day.

After going public with his story, Bill got a letter from the IRS informing him that he would be audited for his 2009 tax return. But as Elliot notes in the documentary, in 2009 he worked for the government, so he already had security clearance and his finances had been checked out.

According to Elliott, the IRS “hounded” him, sending two guys to his house “in a black car” where they proceeded to intimidate him. “This should take care of you doing public interviews,” one of the agents allegedly said.

It turned out that the audit was from a settlement that shouldn’t have been taxed in the first place. After his tax issue was straightened out with the help of SC Senator Kay Hagan, he was sent another certified letter with a single sentence: “Your 2009 audit has been rescinded.” No apology or explanation from the IRS ensued.

Elliott’s cancer has now gone into remission, thanks in large part to being able to keep his health insurance plan.

C. Steven Tucker also got a letter from the IRS informing him that he was being audited – in his case – going back to 2003. In an unlikely coincidence, he received his audit letter the day before Thanksgiving – the same day Elliott got his.

Agents from the Treasury Inspector General visited Tucker’s house while his attorney was present and conducted what he described as “a mini inquisition.”

First they asked him for his name and social security number. Then, according to Tucker, all they wanted to know was what he could tell them about Bill Elliot. They came back another time to ask more questions about Elliott. “At one point my attorney said, ‘how is any of this germane to the issue at hand?'”

The agent told them that, “we didn’t send that letter. The IRS sent that letter. We’re just taking a full statement.”

Tucker said that as soon as those agents left, he got another knock on his door; “And this time, it’s my postman and the postman has a certified letter demanding a full $5,200 by December 23 or they will seize my assets.”

With the help of Senator Mark Kirk, he was able to get that bogus fee expunged.

Tucker stated that he doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that he and Bill Elliot were targeted, because the evidence indicates that they were not.

Six months after the IRS targeting scandal broke, the Obama Regime was still trying to use the IRS to silence ObamaCare whistle blowers. This explosive story was covered on a large number conservative blogs, but was ignored by the mainstream media – because  two ObamaCare critics getting bogus audits on the same day and getting hounded by IRS agents at their homes –  is apparently not considered newsworthy by the ObamaMedia..

You can watch Part One of “The Victims of ObamaCare,” here. C. Steven Tucker wrote about his ordeal, here.