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MSM Stamps Tiny Feet Again, Refuses to be Confined to Quarters While Prez Golfs

You can’t make this stuff up:

For a second day, the “pool” of reporters in Florida to cover President Obama’s golfing weekend refused to be dismissed by the White House, stationing in a maintenance shed near the super exclusive course the president is golfing at for his 223rd round of golf since taking office.

The first “pool report” of the day said that the president’s team said he wouldn’t be making news or appearing in public, thus declaring a news “lid” and allowing the media to stay at their hotel 15 miles away. But as they did Saturday the reporters opted to stay close to Obama in case something happened during his golf outing in Palm City.

In the trade, this is known as “covering the body” — dogging the president’s every move, just in case he makes news or something happens to him. It’s part of the compact between the press and the White House since the JFK assassination — but of course with Barry Hussein Obama, the old rules no longer apply.

The press corps traveled with Obama on Air Force One to the exclusive Floridian National Golf Course. It had no expectation of seeing Obama, since the media very rarely is allowed to get near him on golf courses, but they pledged to carry out their pool duties and stay nearby as long as he was in public. Obama also stayed overnight at the course.

The local Treasure Coast Palm news website,, ran a blog on the trip but no pictures of the president from the golf course. Two reporters joked about praying for an interview.

Pathetic, humiliating, embarrassing — you choose. This is what the media has been reduced to. Or maybe it’s because the White House doesn’t want any videos of golf swings like this:

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