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When Hillary Stumps on The View, Will Monica be Asking the Questions?

In TV land, touting your victimhood really pays off. Just ask Monica Lewinsky, who finally hooked herself up with the right PR agent. After dawdling in obscurity she manages to reshape herself as the “first victim of cyber-bullying” morphing into a hot commodity among the causeheads in Hollywood, including Barbara Walters.

Attempting to reshape her popular women’s daytime talk show that spawned such spin-offs as The Talk and the distastefully named The Chew, along with the racially cool The Real, Barbara Walters is looking to class up The View in the wake of Rosie O’Donnell by casting none other than Monica “Blue Dress” Lewinsky as the chick who will draw in a high-class crowd.

But, Walters doesn’t hold the reigns any longer. ABC is tossing around names like child star Raven Symone and fashion host Stacy London, but Walters is standing firm, believing that “after a decade-long silence” she “has a lot to say.” With 2016 looming, the real question is, will she get to say it to Hillary or Bill?

Perhaps that’s just the ratings juggernaut Walters is looking for.