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Obama to America: All Your Money Belongs to Us

That’s the gist of President Precious’s latest attack on the GOP for the crime of existing: any attempt to repeal the punitive estate tax is, well, you know:

President Barack Obama is unhappy about plans by Republicans who control Congress to repeal the estate tax. Obama was traveling to Kentucky on Thursday to visit a Louisville-based technology company and discuss his concerns about t$300 billion cost of eliminating a tax that the White House says would affect relatively few people. White House spokesman Josh Earnest says that “fiscally irresponsible” approach won’t help the country’s middle class.

Republicans say repealing the tax would help farmers and small-business owners keep their businesses in the family. A bill to eliminate the tax cleared a key House committee last month.

Obama planned to address economic issues again on Friday at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. Utah and South Dakota are the only states Obama has yet to visit as president.

Pure demagoguery, of course: for Obama, the economy is a static-state entity, and those who have not today will surely have not tomorrow without government intervention. In other words, he’s effectively a communist.