Even Barney Frank Thinks Joe Biden Is Embarrassing

That thing in the attic…

Vice President Joe Biden is his own worst enemy, former Rep. Barney Frank said in a recent interview with Larry King, calling the veep “talented” but also “someone who lacks discipline.”

“Joe is his own worst enemy,” Frank said on “PoliticKING with Larry King” on Ora.tv. “He’s a very bright guy, very good values,” Frank said, noting the vice president’s years-old plan to divide Iraq into Sunni, Shia and Kurdish sections. “But he just — he can’t keep his mouth shut or his hands to himself.”


I’m always baffled when avowed Obama detractors on the right give Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep a pass because he’s “entertaining.” Hey, if the thought of having a guy with zero self control in charge of the launch codes amuses you, yours is a sense of humor that is even darker than mine.

I’ve always thought that Biden was the perfect companion piece to this horribly inept president. It’s like a bad vaudeville act: The Idiot King and The Wonder Veep. The scary thing is that even they won’t be laughing once all their damage is done.


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