Russian Groundhog Day RIOT: Guests Learn Host Plans to Kill, Serve the Groundhog

Guests at a fancy, charity Groundhog Day party in Russia erupted in a riot after attendees learned the host was going to kill, cook and serve the groundhog as an entree.


The event was held in Moscow and the star groundhog was brought in from a local children’s petting zoo.  “A host of Russian celebrities happily posed with the creature, a relative of the squirrel, as they arrived at the charity event in aid of underprivileged children.”

Intended victim:

VID: Groundhog Slay As Celebs Outraged At Groundhog Meal

Host Aleksey Polihun, 35, announced to his guests he was going to serve the groundhog on a platter with cranberry sauce. Polihun said it would be “entertaining to have a groundhog which didn’t survive Groundhog Day.”

It’s not clear why the party was held so long after Groundhog Day on February 2nd.

Guest Marya Nekrasova, 26, said: ‘It was outrageous.’

‘The poor thing was terrified… and it may be hard to believe but some people actually cheered him on.’

She added: ‘One of the other guests in the end offered to buy it off the menu and took it back to the zoo.’

But host and possible psychopath Polihun said after the riot:

‘It’s a pity. I think it would have been very tasty.

‘A bit like rabbit but with more zing to it.’

He added: ‘In the end most people thought I should let him live, so I did.

‘I just thought it would be entertaining to have a groundhog who didn’t actually survive groundhog day.






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