This State Department Can't Even Handle Talks with Cuba

Things are going swimmingly.

The United States and Cuba have ended their third round of talks on re-establishing diplomatic relations as abruptly as the meeting was announced, with no breakthrough on sticking points and in an atmosphere of rising tension over Venezuela.

A small group of American officials led by Roberta Jacobson, the top United States diplomat for Latin America, arrived in Havana on Sunday and left Monday, without any public comment and despite earlier remarks by senior officials at the State Department who contemplated an open-ended meeting that could last to midweek.

The State Department made no comment.


Just glance across the planet and see if you can find one foreign policy initiative launched by the Obama administration that has gone well. No cheating here, I mean stated, official objectives only. You can’t say, “Empowering ISIS,” even if the joke may be right.

Perhaps Cuba has done its homework and felt that the U.S. wasn’t caving quickly enough to their demands.

More plausible: perhaps everybody at this hashtag-happy State Department is utterly incompetent.


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