Surely You Jest, Senator Graham: Run for President?

Lindsey Graham, John McCain’s mini-me, is apparently serious about a presidential bid:

Lindsey Graham’s prospective presidential operation is ramping up with the hiring of a new communications director and a senior political adviser. Brittany Bramell, a former spokeswoman for House Speaker John Boehner, will spearhead communications for Security Through Strength, the PAC that is laying the groundwork for the South Carolina Republican’s long-shot bid.

Jon Seaton, a longtime GOP operative who was Tim Pawlenty’s national political director last presidential cycle, will serve as senior political adviser to the 527-designated group, which pays for Graham’s political travel and other expenses related to testing the waters” ahead of a possible presidential run.


Let’s save the Hon. Tinkerbell (as he’s known derisively on the right) and his donors a lot of time, effort and money: there is zero chance that “Grahamnesty” becomes the GOP nominee in 2016, much less president of the United States.

The moves come a week after Graham’s team hired an Iowa adviser, Tracie Gibler. The senator is expected to announce a decision within the next 60 days, by mid-May. Graham, though hawkish on national security, championed the bipartisan immigration reform bill that the conservative base abhors.

Gotta say this for the Establishment GOP, though: they can’t make their contempt for the conservative base plain enough, can they?



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