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20 Reasons Why Former Maryland Governor O’Malley Could Be Worse than Obama

Martin O’ Malley has finally left the building–the governor’s mansion that is, in Annapolis. The problem is that he’s planned a new residency only thirty minutes away in our nation’s capital.


With Hillary on a downward spiral and the fact that many American women vote for the best looking candidate with no other considerations, conservatives have much to be frightened about. I realize that this is a blanket statement, however, there are few articles written by female journalists about O’Malley that do not mention his good looks, at least once. This could pose a problem for a Republican candidate (less Ben Carson, another attractive Marylander- but well versed on Martin’s follies) who may have to debate O’Malley live. Remember the Kennedy vs. Nixon debate that helped turn the tide blue? I predict this could occur again with O’Malley vs. any tired crusty republican that’s been around too long.

O’Malley has the same, if not more charisma than our current president. And unlike Obama, who will curtly dismiss conservatives (and Bibi) without batting an eyelash, O’Malley is entirely consumed with his own self-concept. He manages to gore even the middle class, all the while smiling, evoking saint-like devotion from the masses. O’Malley is a sly operator: bewitching blue-dogs, centrist Dems, and unfortified conservatives with little effort. His success record, envied by liberal politicians everywhere.

So, in honor of O’Malley’s standing ovation in South Carolina on March 10th, I offer you twenty sobering reasons why O’Malley may even be worse than Obama.


1. The Flush Tax. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.

2. The Rain Tax…Because if you have a big house then it is absolutely your fault when a blue crab dies.

3. The Gas Tax- Because having a job and driving there should cost more…$.44 per gallon at tax fruition.

4. New service fees on fledgling businesses such as tanning beds, gyms, nails, and even dating services. Because Martin wants to be prettier than you are and will tax you otherwise.

5. Liquor Tax (10%) and additional Tobacco taxes and fees.

6. His state pension “reforms” are great except for the fact that they are still grossly underfunded.

7. Energy rates in Maryland through BGE increased 72% during his tenure…which he promised to fight, but lost miserably.

8. O’Malley used capitol debt to cover spending vs. the general fund.

9. In-state tuition and driver’s licenses offered to illegals.

10. Increased sales tax.

11. His own Lt. Governor (Mini Me Brown) didn’t (couldn’t) succeed him.

12. Raised more taxes than even the deep blue Maryland electorate could stomach.

13. Inmates ran his prisons  Martin’s more Thug-erina than a Jay-Z /Obama love child.

14. O’Malley raised the corporate tax rate. Only four Fortune 500 companies remain in Maryland, while Virginia has 22, some of whom left Maryland. Not to mention an estimated 6,500 small firms that left Maryland under O’Malley.


15. He can’t add or subtract. O’Malley claims responsibility for “700,000 Maryland citizens now having health care insurance for the first time”. Unlikely, since less than a year ago only 60,000 had enrolled through the online state healthcare insurance exchange (Obamacare). What O’Malley failed to cite was that 73,000 had lost their current insurance because of Obamacare. The math doesn’t work.

16. He posts personal correspondence on his Facebook page (see #20 that he penned for his daughter, then posted).

17. Democrats are comparing him to Kennedy. How ironic (or moronic?) since O’Malley’s essentially a socialist.

18. Martin would insist that his own band, O’Malley’s March, play live on election night.

19. The only guns he likes are his own….

20. He’s a terrible poet.

“Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;

Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.” -Martin O’Malley


Forget the hanky, somebody pass me a bucket.

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