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My Shari'amour: Mosul Celebrates Diversity Under the Muslim Boot

Maybe the soft-headed idiots who think welcoming even more Muslims into the United States should take a look at what’s happening in Mosul:

Freedom from the Islamic State group comes at a steep price, as one newly wedded couple recently discovered. Eager to live a normal life, away from the harsh dominion of the militants’ self-styled caliphate, the young pair is searching for ways to bypass the extremists’ newly-implemented departure taxes and escape the IS-held city of Mosul.

“Life is unbearable with these people,” the groom said, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals. “Do they really want me to give up the house my father spent years building to an Afghani or Chechen or to an Iraqi villager so that I can leave for good? They are dreaming.”

Fearing the city might simply empty of civilians, or that fleeing residents may join the fight against them, the Islamic State extremists are imposing tough measures to prevent people from leaving their territory.


One might observe here that the Muslims seem awfully fond of the tactics and methods of the old communist countries, such as the Soviet Union (which had a system of internal passports) or East Germany, which famously build a wall through the center of Berlin to keep its people in.

Several residents, who spoke to The Associated Press by telephone on condition of anonymity to ensure their safety, said anyone seeking to leave must submit the title for their family home or car – if the vehicle is worth more than $20,000 – to be granted permission to leave for two weeks. If they fail to return within that period, their property will be confiscated.

“We are being governed by wicked and unscrupulous people,” said the 29-year old groom, who stayed behind to protect his family home. Most of his family had already fled last June when a shocking Islamic State blitz overran Mosul.

You will pardon me if I am somewhat less than sympathetic. Survey after survey shows alarmingly high percentages of “peaceful” Muslims supporting various aspects of radical Islam, even if they do not indulge in such things like beheadings and suicide bombings themselves. Then, when they get their wish, they complain and seek to “emigrate” for reasons of “persecution” or “asylum.”


Enjoy ISIS, what’s left of Iraq and Syria: you’ve earned it.


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