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Politico Sowing Seeds of White House Distrust of Hillary


It isn’t that Obama and Clinton like or don’t like each other, or that their aides still have hard feelings left over from the 2008 primary campaign. In the White House, as conversations with current and former aides make clear, they want her to win — after all, so much of what they’ve achieved depends on her getting into the Oval Office to keep it going. The Democratic nomination is all but hers, the Republican field still looking weak to them, and they’re counting on her.

And now?

To sum up the feelings, all the way up to the highest levels: What. The. Hell.


Actually, it is that they don’t like each other, but the author needs to play that game for the “Yeah, we never trusted her…” story they are about to tell.

“You never feel like you’re quite getting the full story, because everyone’s got some side deal or some complicating factor,” said one former Obama aide, reflecting on dealing with Clinton and her circle. “I don’t think there was a conscious effort to watch out for scams. It was more just, you know who you’re dealing with.”

I said it last week and I will say it again: this story still has legs in the MSM only because higher-ups in the Democratic Party want it to have legs. It’s also quite likely that those higher-ups work for the president of the United States.

This president doesn’t need Hillary to win to validate his legacy. Liberal historians will give this guy a pass if he commits mass murder in the White House on his way out of office. He knows his legacy is being created out of whole cloth by them at the moment and he need not do anything to influence it.


It’s no secret that the Obama faithful aren’t Hillary Clinton fans.

If there is anything we’ve learned in the last six years, it’s that the Obama faithful don’t have a thought in their heads that wasn’t put there by Obama.

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