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One Term and Out for Rahmbo in Chitown?

The Revolution always ends up eating its own. Tom Bevan at Real Clear Politics passes the popcorn:

5 Signs Rahm May Be Doomed

Four weeks from now, voters in Chicago will go to the polls to officially decide whether they want to re-elect Rahm Emanuel. Mayor Emanuel was forced into a runoff against Jesus “Chuy” Garcia back on Feb. 24 when he failed to crack the 50 percent mark, and there are a growing number of signs that Emanuel may find himself on the short end of things again on April 7. Here are five:

Click on the link to red Bevan’s well-reasoned piece, which cites the Emanuel ad as one of the reasons the campaign is in trouble. (With Obamacare collapsing, this has not been a good year for two of the three Emanuel brothers.)

The fact that a politician as self-confident and assertive as Rahm Emanuel feels compelled to issue a straight-to-camera mea culpa shows just how much trouble he is in. Emanuel has a serious image problem, particularly with the African-American and Latino communities, and it’s not at all clear that four weeks of commercials will change perceptions that have been four years in the making.

Other reasons include Chicago’s horrendous crime rate (even the mayor’s son got mugged recently, right across the street from the mayoral residence) and Rahm’s underwater approval ratings. Couldn’t happen to a nicer ballerina, you say? Got that right.