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The Lies Behind #FreeSoltan: No, Mohamed Soltan Is NOT a 'Humanitarian Activist'

Egyptian-American Mohamed Soltan is currently on trial in Egypt for his role in organizing and directing the violent Muslim Brotherhood protests in 2013. The protests wracked Egypt following the massive June 30 protests that led to the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi.

Soltan is the oldest son of senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Salah Soltan, also in prison in Egypt on charges of inciting violence.

He is charged with being part of the operations cell that ran the main Muslim Brotherhood protest at the Raba’a Al Adeyawa mosque in Cairo. His cause has been touted by major U.S. media outlets, including the New York Times, as well as by prominent U.S. Islamic organizations. It was also highlighted on Twitter with the #FreeSoltan hashtag:

From his statements recorded before the court earlier today, it seems he is no longer interested in being a Muslim Brotherhood revolutionary activist. He now wants to recast himself as an innocent “humanitarian activist” who was innocently caught up in the events of August 2013.

This is an abrupt about-face and a thoroughly fictitious re-writing of history. He actively craved international media attention for his activities at the Rabaa protest.

Supporters of Soltan attending the trial hearing today and his relatives and supporters back home tweeted out his claims that he has no political affiliation, and his claim now that he is just a “humanitarian activist”:

The “humanitarian activist” claim is something that has been pushed out in recent months by the #FreeSoltan Twitter account set up to promote his cause:

His claim to be an innocent bystander to the events at the Rabaa protest is exposed by the very media reports he cultivated. For example, the following account from The Australian dated August 1, 2013, opens with Soltan in firm control of the Rabaa operations war room and giving direction to subordinates:

Just after 9pm on Tuesday (5am yesterday AEST), the tacticians of the Muslim Brotherhood went into a small room off the Rabaa al-Adawia mosque in Nasr City, an outer suburb of Cairo, to decide the night’s battle plan.

They had declared there would be “a million person march”, so expectations were high.

In this undeclared war with Egypt’s army, tactics are kept a secret until the last moment. At 9.15pm, Mohamed Soltan, one of the communications team of “The Anti-Coup Movement” based at the mosque, walked back into the room.

“Ten o’clock at military intelligence,” he said. “We’ve already got a demonstration going to the presidential palace, but another one will be going to the military intelligence building.”

From this mosque the Muslim Brotherhood is running its campaign to reinstate Mohammed Morsi, who was sacked from the presidency by the army on July 3.

Tonight we’re in the communications room which is bustling with media, Muslim Brotherhood officials and teams of young men and women who look like they’re running an election campaign.

Requests by foreign journalists are given top priority – reflecting an instruction from Brotherhood officials to get their “anti-coup message” out to the world.

That hardly seems like a passive “humanitarian activist” observer.

An interview he gave to ABC News just a few weeks later — after Egyptian authorities had broken up the protest — gives more first-hand evidence:

An Egyptian-American, Soltan, 25, joined the Anti-Coup Alliance after former president Mohamed Morsi was ousted. Soltan became one of the main liaisons between the Muslim Brotherhood, the Anti-Coup Alliance and foreign press and ABC News saw him in action during a visit to Raba’a Al Adeyawa two weeks ago. His iPhone 5 always in hand, he moved seamlessly between meetings with former Brotherhood ministers to strategy sessions with the Anti-Coup social media team.

It was a bit odd, then, when CNN’s Christiane Amanpour described Soltan’s plight as “the crime of acting your age.” These were media reports that Soltan himself developed and his supporters used to promote his cause, and now they stand as a witness to the #FreeSoltan lies.

And just what about his supposed “humanitarian” activities?

As I reported at the time of his arrest, when several of Soltan’s friends were caught and arrested with torture victims at the Rabaa protest, he admitted to Mada Masr (cited as “a son of a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure”) that the torture (amputations, electrocutions, etc.) was going on at the protest that he organized and directed, but that the torture wasn’t officially sanctioned, and in fact his friends were merely “helping” the torture victims they were caught with.


We can also present this exclusive cell phone video of “humanitarian activist” Mohamed Soltan leading an anti-Israel protest at the Ohio Statehouse on January 2, 2009. Dressed in a red hoodie with a megaphone tucked underneath his arm, he led the crowd in the genocidal and anti-Jewish “Khaybar” chant (beginning ~0:20):

Here’s a picture of him at that protest looking much as he did at the Rabaa protest — on the phone and choreographing the activity:

1-2-09 Statehouse demo 013a

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) explains the genocidal nature of the “Khaybar” chant that Soltan was leading:

A report on Al Jazeera in Ara­bic yes­ter­day described “Khaiber” as “the most impor­tant fea­ture of the Islamic-Jewish fight. Mus­lims always raise its name in their ral­lies against Israel because it con­sti­tutes a mem­ory of a harsh defeat for the Jews who lived in the Ara­bian Penin­sula dur­ing the time of prophet.”

The story of “Khaiber,” accord­ing to most Islamic sources, ends with the exe­cu­tion of thou­sands of Jews, includ­ing women and chil­dren. Pro­test­ers at anti-Israel ral­lies around the world, includ­ing the U.S., often evoke this bat­tle in their chants to gal­va­nize supporters.

There’s additional video one year later of the “humanitarian” activism that Soltan engaged in with George Galloway’s “Viva Palestina Hamas” support convoys. The U.S. designated Hamas a terrorist organization in 1995. Soltan hosted fundraisers for Viva Palestina — in Columbus, Ohio — after Galloway had appeared live on Al-Jazeera TV giving duffel bags full of cash to U.S.-designated Hamas terror leader Ahmed Kurd on a previous Viva Palestina convoy.

He has also praised as “freedom fighters” Hamas terrorist leaders, such as Khaled Mashal (seen here), and the “Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) school that breeds” them on Facebook and Twitter (screencap, now since removed, thanks to CausingFitna):


At ~10:37 in this Iranian regime PressTV video documenting the travels of the Dec. 2009-Jan 2010 Viva Palestina Hamas support convoy, and their clashes with Egyptian police during which one Egyptian police officer was killed, you can see the interview they had with Soltan:


The Egyptian government, not the Egyptian people, because the Egyptian government is not allowing us because they are a puppet for the American and the Israeli regime. We need to be there. We should have been on the border of Rafah and entering Gaza today to be with the people of Gaza to tell them that we came from half way across the world to be with you on the anniversary of a holocaust, the second holocaust. And that’s what we try to do, but instead we’re here standing in Aqaba in front of the consulate asking God that he open the borders for us and help us get through Gaza so we can be there with our brothers in solidarity with our brothers in Gaza.

Interestingly, Soltan now pleads for the “American regime” to help free him from an Egyptian jail. But such is the hypocrisy of “humanitarian activist” Mohamed Soltan and the lies behind the #FreeSoltan campaign.

Soltan is bold about his self-promotion when he is talking to the international media, but as we saw today when he was brought to account before the Egyptian court, he tries to distance himself from his own actions. Now he tries to rewrite his own history to save his skin.

If he is spared additional jail time by the Egyptian court, it will most likely be due to the “American regime” he is so quick to denounce overseas before the cameras owned by an Iranian regime, among the most repressive in the world.


By the way: Soltan burned down his own house in a faked “Islamophobia” hate crime.

According to court documents, he directly blamed me for inciting the “arson,” only to flee the U.S. as investigators began to question his role in the fire. Alas, I’ll leave that for a my next installment of the “Lies of #FreeSoltan.”