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Biden Says Denying Climate Change like 'Denying Gravity'

What happens if Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency goes completely off the rails? Admittedly, a long shot, but if it does, one of the favorites to replace her is Vice President Joe Biden.

The walking gaffe machine whose roaming hands have been the subject of serious analysis was at it again yesterday when he claimed that denying that global warming is occurring is the same thing as denying that gravity exists.

Washington Times:

Vice President Joe Biden slammed those who question climate change, saying that ignoring the scientific evidence is “almost like denying gravity now.”

“I think it’s close to mindless,” Mr. Biden said in a preview clip for the upcoming season of HBO’s Vice.

The vice president pointed specifically to 2012’s Hurricane Sandy as an example of how climate change is making the world’s weather patterns more severe.

The leading global warming authority on the planet, the IPCC, contradicts Biden’s claim that climate change is making weather more severe. Their most recent assessment (AR5) downplays any links between climate change and extreme weather.

“All of a sudden people who were saying it couldn’t happen; they’re now knowing they have to plan for another one of these storms, and another and another and another,” Mr. Biden said, Mediaite reported Friday.

Florida has gone 8 years without a hurricane making landfall. Roger Pielke, recently targeted by Democrats for his mild global warming skepticism, wrote in USA Today, “…from 1900 through 2013, the United States experienced a decrease in hurricane landfalls of more than 20%, and the strength of each year’s landfalling storms has also decreased by more than 20%.”

He also pointed to Wall Street financial institutions that are starting to plan and make investments based on the effects of climate change.

“When the financial institutions begin to price in the cost of carbon for cost of doing business, you know it’s reality,” Mr. Biden said.

Wall Street is reacting to the EPA’s planned rules on CO2 emissions, not to climate change. They are betting on winners and losers in the carbon race, not on whether global warming is going to happen or not.

The thought of this guy in the Oval Office is about as chilling as it gets.

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