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Feel-Good Story of the Week: Danish Muslim Murderer Not Motivated by Islam!

Courtesy of the New York Times, of course, which in obligatory fashion now proceeds to humanize and partly defend the murderer in Copenhagen:

As the authorities across Europe try to figure out how radical Islam turns a tiny but dangerous minority of young Muslims into terrorists, Mr. Soei, the sociologist, said that Mr. Hussein, 22, was an exemplar of a phenomenon of Europe’s urban neighborhoods, not a product of the teachings of the Quran or their distortions by militant preachers.

“This wasn’t an intellectual Islamist with a long beard,” Mr. Soei said. “This was a loser man from the ghetto who is very, very angry at Danish society.”


The second-generation blowback is already starting, which delights the media, since it can now point to the aliens’ local passports and deliberately conflate that with national identity. Presto: a guy named “el-Hussein” is now every bit as “Danish” as a descendant of the Vikings. Their goal, in true internationalist fashion, is to erase the nation-state and replace it with the bureaucratic state — thus killing it. And still places like Britain, Denmark and Sweden refuse to see it coming.

“I’m just as shocked as the rest of the world,” his distraught father, a Palestinian from Jordan, told the newspaper Jyllands Posten on Monday, adding that the first he knew of his son’s actions was when the authorities contacted him on Sunday.

“This is not just sad, it is a tragedy,” said Anoir Hassouni, a social worker at a kickboxing club where Mr. Hussein fought and trained for eight months before he was convicted of violent assault in 2013. He was released from prison just two weeks before the weekend attacks.

And by “tragedy,” you can bet what Hassouni means is what happened to el-Hussein, not what happened to the victims. Nice kid from the slums with a promising future, falls in with the wrong crowd — hey, it’s the subject of just about every Warner Bros. gangster movie ever made! But to dishonest Democratic house organs like the Times, who see literally everything through the prism of the American civil-rights movement, it’s always about righteous “anger” and “rage.”


Though perhaps not part of an established jihadist network, the young man was clearly not alone in his anger. On Monday, about a dozen young men, their faces covered by scarves, visited the spot where Mr. Hussein died and, declaring themselves his brothers, shouted “Allahu akbar,” or “God is great,” as they removed flowers laid in memorial, a ritual they said was contrary to Islamic teaching.

In place of the flowers, they left a printed leaflet on the ground that fulminated against what they described as Denmark’s double standards, noting that Mr. Hussein’s body had been left in a pool of blood when the body of the Jewish security guard killed at the synagogue had been quickly covered. This, the leaflet said, exposed promises of equality as a fraud and showed that “religion and background make a difference.”

They also taped a sign written in Danish and Arabic to the wall near the spot where Mr. Hussein died: “May God show mercy. Rest in Peace, Captain,” it said, using a gangland title of respect.

In other words, think of the Arab Muslims in Europe as just a semi-Islamic incarnation of the Dead End Kids.

As part of the investigation into the killings in Copenhagen, police officers on Sunday raided an Internet cafe, Power Play Reborn, in the Norrebro district and detained four young men, two of whom are still in detention. The manager of the cafe, who gave only his first name, Adeel, said the detained men “were just local punks” who spent much of their time “playing shoot’em-up games” on the Internet.

He said he did not know Mr. Hussein, who, according to Danish media reports, visited the Internet cafe on Saturday after the first deadly shooting in the north of the city. Local gang members, he added, “don’t care about religion. They just want to make money and chill out.”


Good luck with that, Denmark.


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