Oregon Governor Now Being Pressured by Members of His Own Party to Resign

That’s gotta hurt.

Top Oregon Democrats and the state treasurer on Thursday called on Governor John Kitzhaber to resign in response to conflict-of-interest allegations involving his fiancee, and Oregon’s secretary of state said she is ready to step into the job.

Kitzhaber, a Democrat, faces mounting pressure to resign amid a criminal corruption probe launched last week by the state attorney general over a possible conflict of interest between the role of his fiancee as an unpaid adviser and her consulting contracts.

“Oregon deserves a governor who is fully focused on the duties of state,” Treasurer Ted Wheeler said in a statement. “Unfortunately, the current situation has become untenable, and I cannot imagine any scenario by which things improve.”

House of Representatives Speaker Tina Kotek and Senate President Peter Courtney, both Democrats, met with Kitzhaber on Thursday and urged him to resign. A Courtney spokesman said the governor, in response, was “upset” and “defiant.”


The Democrat Borg in Oregon just elected this clown to a fourth term so it’s no wonder he’s being kind of arrogant and defiant. It’s also not surprising that things got crony-riffic after a while. The longer a politician stays in one office, especially a powerful office, the opportunities for wrongdoing increase exponentially. Democrats run around practically unchecked in Oregon and probably have a feeling of invincibility after the first re-election because they know they’ve pretty much just gotten political tenure.

Maybe the Oregon Democrats will learn from this.

Probably not.


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