Want to Stop Drones from Flying Over Your House and Snooping in your Window? Here's How!

If you’re concerned about the growing cultural propensity for voyeurism, some help is on the way.

Now that drones are widely available for public purchase and use, noflyzone.org lets you establish a no-snoop area over your property.


According to TechCrunch,  “a number of drone hardware and software firms have already promised to honor your request. Among the partners in this effort are EHANG (the company behind the Ghost drone), Horizon Hobby, DroneDeploy, YUNEEC, HEXO+, PixiePath and RCFlyMaps.”

Not all the drone manufacturers are on board yet, but noflyzone.org is reaching out to them.

Using NoFlyZone, home owners can register their address and create a geofence around their property. Oddly enough, though, you don’t have to prove that you own a specific property.

If you’re worried that Amazon’s future drone army will not be able to deliver Amazon purchases to your home, never fear.

And don’t worry if you want to sign up now, but still want Amazon’s delivery drones to be able to drop off orders in the future. The company website explains that airspace over private land will become “customisable” when delivery drones become available.

The no-fly scheme follows “rules laid out by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which restricts drones from flying over the White House.” Airspace and military bases are also off-limits.





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