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Egyptian Court to Hear Lawsuit Asserting Turkey a State Sponsor of Terrorism

Egyptians are taking Turkey to court with the demand that it be designated a state sponsor of terrorism.

The move comes after a Jan. 29 show on a Muslim Brotherhood channel that broadcasts from Turkey. In the “urgent communique,” the speaker announces impending action in Egypt with “all the movements of revolutionary retribution.”

“First, we give all foreign nationals – foreigners, Arabs, and Africans – and all the employees of [foreign] companies, the opportunity to leave the country immediately. This period will expire and the end of February 11, 2015. After that, they may be targeted by the movements of revolutionary retribution. You are hereby warned,” the speaker says, according to a MEMRI clip.

“Second, all foreign companies operating on Egyptian soil have an opportunity, until February 20, to withdraw all their franchises from Egypt and terminate their operations. Otherwise, all their projects may be targeted by the rebels,” he continues. “Third, all foreign nationals working in embassies – diplomats and ambassadors – have an opportunity to leave the country until February 28.”

“Fourth, all tourists who wish to come to Egypt must cancel their trips. They are not welcome on Egyptian soil in these difficult days. Fifth, all the countries that provide material or political support to the coup must stop this support immediately – within a month from this communique. Otherwise, all their interests in the countries of the Middle East will be subject to harsh attacks with dire consequences.”

The Muslim Brotherhood spokesman declares that “everybody must adhere” to the terms of their communique.

“There will be no concessions or show of mercy, because all parties are competing in the violation of our honor, our property, and our bodies. They have all cooperated in the killing of the innocent, the raping of women, the arrest of thousands of people, the displacement of millions of families, and the unjust plundering of the money of the people.”

An Egyptian lawyer, Tarek Mahmoud, has filed suit against Turkey. A source told Anadolu Agency on condition of anonymity that “the court of urgent matters in the coastal city of Alexandria scheduled the first hearing in the case for Feb. 24.”

The lawsuit not only highlights Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood and the country’s hosting of Brotherhood meetings and media, but asserts that Turkey is sending arms to the Brotherhood in Egypt.

“Turkey adopts hostile stances against Egypt after it became a haven for Muslim Brotherhood leaders who face criminal charges in Egypt,” the judicial source quoted the lawsuit.

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