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Good News: Winter Storm Cancels House Votes Today

Snow day!

The House has canceled its vote series Monday evening due to the winter storm bearing down on the East Coast.

This was already slated to be a short week in Washington. The House Democrats begin their legislative retreat Wednesday afternoon in Philadelphia. The chamber will now only be in session for two days.

The storm has also forced the House to put off consideration of a border security bill. The legislation was running into some opposition from conservatives, who thought it was a first step toward comprehensive immigration reform. Instead, the House will consider the LNG Permitting and Transparency Act, which relates to exports of liquefied natural gas.

If you’re one of those people who thinks “gridlock” is a beautiful word when referring to Washington then this is a welcome start to the week. The less time Congress has to “help” the better our lives are. This is one reason I never get upset about The Idiot King golfing all the time. Look at the damage he does when he’s at work. The more days away from the office for him, the better.