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Iran, Obama and the Jewish Donor Lie

Cliff May has this important revelation in today’s Washington Times:

At a closed-door meeting of Senate Democrats in Baltimore last Thursday, Mr. Obama not only repeated his warning that even deadline-triggered sanctions would lead to war, he charged that those congressmen favoring such a bill were doing so only to please “donors.”

Sources told The New York Times that Mr. Menendez “stood up and said he took ‘personal offense.’” He added that he has been working on this issue for years, has always “focused on the long-term implications,” and that it will be impossible to cobble together a new sanctions bill quickly next summer should Iran continue to stonewall.

Let’s decode this revelation from behind closed doors.  First, it is newsworthy enough that Obama believes any sanctions package would “lead to war.”  This is more than posturing.  This is a reflection of Obama’s extremist pedigree on national security issues.  In college, Obama wrote campus newspaper attacks on the deployment of Pershing missiles in West Germany, because, you guessed it, it would lead to war.  A favorite meme of the radical national security left is that everything will lead to war.  If America detains terrorist warriors in Gitmo, it will lead to war with Islam.  If America has a robust military, it will lead to war.  If Israel doesn’t give up land for peace, it will lead to war.  And on and on it goes, the West should be surrender, compromise and stand down, else it leads to war.  Of course the history of the 20th Century is precisely the opposite.

But the second and bigger revelation is the revelation that Obama thinks support for sanctions on Iran is being driven by donor money.  To anyone who pays attention to the Islamist narrative, this means one and only one thing: Jewish money.

True, Obama doesn’t come out and explicitly use the term “Jewish money. ” But he isn’t talking about Hispanic money or Silicon Valley money when he scolds his fellow Democrats behind closed doors.  One of the many traditions the Islamists preserved from Nazi Germany (besides death worship and genocidal designs for the Jewish people) is the myth that Jewish money pulls the strings. This meme echoes through multimedia platforms throughout the Middle East.

Obama doesn’t say precisely the same thing with the same venomous zeal you find directly from these sources.  But his watered down accusation that Democrats like Bob Menendez is in favor of tough sanctions against Iran because of the influence of donor money should be condemned.  It also reveals a pedigree even more frightful than his pedigree merely supporting Western weakness.