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[UPDATED VIDEO] Ted Cruz Wins SOTU Postgame with 'More Cowbell! More Cowbell!'

Megyn Kelly asked Sen. Ted Cruz if he thinks President Obama was setting the stage for the next presidential candidate.

“Oh, I think he was trying to and he hopes that the next candidate engages in the same far-left policies. This is a man of the left,” Cruz said.

“You know, it reminds me of the classic Saturday Night Live skit with Christopher Walken, where there’s a band playing and his solution to every problem is ‘More cowbell! More cowbell!'” Cruz said. “For President Obama ‘More cowbell’ is ‘More taxes! More government!More taxes! More government!'”

Kelly laughed and said, “The audience knows!” She said the focus group in the studio “is familiar with the skit.” The camera cut to the laughing audience.

“It’s the same failed policies that don’t work and we ought to come together. Economic growth is a bipartisan objective and I think Congress needs to lead,” Cruz continued.

Cruz also drew on the populist theme that the 1% are benefitting the most in the current economy. Refuting the president’s claim that all Americans are benefitting from Obama’s so-called “middle class economics,” Cruz said, “We are facing a divided America when it comes to the economy. It is true that the top one percent are doing great under Barack Obama.”

But he said, “The sad reality is with big government under the Obama administration the rich and powerful — those who walk the corridors of power in the Obama administration — have gotten fat and happy.” He noted that we have the lowest labor force participation rate since 1978.

“The reason the unemployment rate is falling is because millions of people keep dropping out of the workforce altogether so they’re not counted in that number,” Cruz said. He added that the wage stagnation over the last decade has made life difficult for working families. “We need to be fighting for the working men and women, not those with power in Washington,” said Cruz.