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Virginia Democrat Re-Elected while Serving Jail Time for Sex w/ 17-Year-Old Staffer

A Virginia lawmaker (Democrat) was re-elected to the House of Delegates yesterday after he previously resigned from office amid a sex scandal. The scandal involved one of his teenage employees.

Joseph Morrissey is currently in prison but that didn’t bother Richmond, VA, area voters who were just fine with his conviction in the sex scandal involving his 17-year-old secretary.  Her nude photos were found on Morrissey’s cell phone.

Morrissey denied any “wrongdoing,” claiming his phone was hacked. The 17-year-old secretary is now pregnant.

“This is a victory for the ages,” University of Mary Washington political science professor Stephen Farnsworth told the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“Rarely has a politician with as many problems emerged victorious. For a man who has more baggage than Amtrak to win speaks volumes for his ability to connect with the district despite all of his liabilities.”

Writes the Daily Mail:

Prosecutors in Morrissey’s criminal case said that in addition to the sexual relationship he carried on with Myrna Pride, now an 18-year-old college freshman, he sent a naked photo of her to a friend.

Part of the evidence against him, which he read to reporters on the courthouse steps in July, was a text allegedly from his young paramour to a third-party, reading: ‘OMG, I just f***ed my boss.’

Morrissey said from his jail cell that voters in his district aren’t concerned about the drama.

‘They’re interested in my body of work in the General Assembly,’ Morrissey told the Associated Press. ‘Nobody works harder for their constituents than I do.’

He also said Sullivan’s ads focusing on his latest scrape with the law backfired: ‘People hate negative campaigns.’

The newly-elected jailbird said he will try and commute from prison to the statehouse.