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London College Offers Class on Taking Selfies

An adult education college in London is offering a “photography” class called “The art of self portraiture.

That’s a high-brow way of saying “selfie.”

The class runs about $200 and promises students will “improve your critical understanding of the photographic self portrait, on this introductory course.”

The class will teach students to transcend the ubiquitous “mirror selfie” as it requires its students (narcissists?) to bring a DSLR camera and possess a basic knowledge of more advanced camera functions like ISO, aperture and white balance.

The class also promises students will “develop ideas towards the creation of a coherent body of work” which we here in America call a Facebook feed of selfies.

The course curriculum includes “lectures and presentations, seminars, discussion and group work. Critiques of students’ work will form an important role in the learning process from the second week forward.”

If you can’t participate in the London class, there’s always the “selfie stick” to add a little variety to your selfie repertoire.