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Italian Experiment Disproves Feminist Myth About Men

Apparently boys aren’t born to hit girls.

In a social experiment exploring violence against women, young boys in Italy were asked to slap a girl. …Italian media company created the video to show how both violence and pacifism can be taught at an early age.

The boys are introduced to Martina, who has a giggly love-struck effect on all the young admirers. When asked to caress her, the boys do not hesitate to stroke her cheek in a gesture of intimacy. When asked to make a funny face at her, they do so.

However, when the boys are asked to slap Martina, they all look surprised and confused. Obviously torn between wanting to obey, and their own moral objections, all of the boys eventually shake their heads at the unseen camera crew, refusing to comply.

When asked why they wouldn’t slap her, all of the boys responded that they did not want to hurt her, or that they did not believe in violence, and all agreed that they should never hit girls.

“Why? ‘Cause I’m a man!” replied one of the boys.

According to the website, “…men have been taught to relate to the world in terms of dominance and control, and they have been taught that violence is an acceptable method of maintaining control, resolving conflicts, and expressing anger.”

This little experiment just blew that theory out of the water.

Citing the catcalling, along with “the rape, the murder, the beatings” the Guardian declared 2014 as the “year of feminist insurrection against male violence.” But if male violence is socially, not genetically forged, what exactly is feminism’s War On Men doing to combat the creation of a gender of outsiders conditionally harassed into violent behavior?

Cathy Young writes in Time:

The other side of sexism must be recognized. Former Jezebel editor Lindy West has argued that such “men’s rights” problems as unequal treatment of fathers in family courts or bias against male domestic violence victims are rooted in patriarchy and that feminism is already addressing them. Unfortunately, facts say otherwise. On these and other issues, feminist activists and commentators have tended to side with womenoppose measures to help men, and promote women-as-victims, men-as-bad-guys narratives. Such double standards need to be confronted.

After a year of campus rape myths dispelled, feminists would do well to rethink their strategy when it comes to stereotyping men. They can start by learning a lesson from a group of rather intelligent and extremely cute little boys.

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