Poll: 60% of GOP Voters Want Boehner Out as Speaker

A new poll out today reveals GOP opinions about Speaker of the House John Boehner.

The poll was commissioned by a group called the People’s Poll, supervised by Pat Caddell of Caddell Associates, and fielded by EMC Research.


The survey was conducted among self-identified Republicans and independents who say they lean Republican so the opinions in the poll come from GOPers around the country, not the public-at-large.

When asked if Speaker Boehner should be re-elected, only 25% say yes, with a paltry 11% strongly supporting Boehner. On the other hand, almost two-thirds (60%) want someone new on the job, with 26% saying they strongly want a new speaker of the House.

And it gets worse. Boehner isn’t much trusted by his own party.

Only 13% say they strongly agree with the statement “I trust House Speaker John Boehner to fight for the issues that are important to most Republicans,” and an additional 39% saying they “somewhat” agree with the statement.

Furthermore, Boehner gets weak marks for opposing Obama’s agenda.  Almost two-thirds agree with the statement “Speaker Boehner has been ineffective in opposing President Obama’s agenda.”  The party and its supporters are split on whether Boehner has the “best interests of the American public at heart, rather than special interests” which is hardly a vote of confidence moving forward with the new Congress.

Rick Manning writes over at The Hill:


Next week during the Speaker’s vote, if 29 Republicans decide that they will not vote for Boehner to continue as Speaker, he doesn’t get to be Speaker unless he convinces a Democrat to vote for him.

The question remains whether 29 House Republicans will inform the House Conference that they want a new vote for Speaker behind closed doors before the Jan. 6 floor vote to make it clear that Boehner does not have the votes to retain his post. If this occurs, the Boehner Speakership is over and the backroom deal-cutting begins.

On the other hand, if members have not properly organized prior to Jan. 6, the effort will surely fail.

And the Daily Caller points out there are members who are planning to try to jettison Boehner.

With poll results like these, one might wonder what re-election battle congressional Boehner supporters might face if they put him back in charge of the House.


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