What Was the Year's Most Disgusting Fast Food 'Atrocity'?

At Salon yesterday Lindsay Abrams offered a fun slide show naming “the 10 most horrifying fast food creations of 2014.” Preceding the ten pictures she collected she offers a fun, typically paranoid progressive fantasy of evil corporatists waging war against us all with their fiendishly clever marketing:


The fast food industry’s sins are many. They commit wage theft and chronically underpay their workers. They market aggressively to targets that are poor, black and children. They’re seemingly part of some coordinated mission to kill us all…

Her list really doesn’t look that horrific, save for one item, apparently only available in South Korea, the Zinger Double Down King. This is what happens when you add a beef patty and bacon to KFC’s infamous chicken-bunned sandwich:

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 7.31.46 AM

Kind of a strange, sad parallel isn’t it? The most nauseatingly decadent fast food imaginable is available in South Korea… while Kim Jong Un starves his people in the North.

Still in countries all around the world human beings are deprived of food by their tyrannical rulers while we in the West sit comfortably, obliviously twiddling our fingers across our smartphones — dozens of food options just a button’s tap away or a quick trip to the drive-thru. And who do Salon’s writers fantasize about as secret killers plotting against us?

We’re so ridiculously spoiled in the West. The threat of starvation in America is conclusively conquered but the country’s progressives can’t recognize it or comprehend how it happened. It’s a sign of moral blindness for someone to dedicate more time and energy to attacking a fast food industry that’s too effective at creating addictive food while ignoring the wars and oppression fueled by illiberal states that leave millions of people desiring this food others live to demonize.


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