[WATCH] WaPo: Top Lie of the Year is Obama's 'ISIS/JV Team' Spin

The Washington Post‘s Glenn Kessler appeared on Morning Joe to discuss some of the top lies of 2014. Kessler writes the Fact Checker column at the Washington Post, where he evaluates the veracity of political claims making the headlines.


Joe Scarborough pushed Kessler to pick the single biggest lie of the year, to which Kessler responded: “I look at the issues that resonate with people and are biggest issues. One of the major things was Barack Obama saying he was not specifically referring to ISIS, when he referred to a J.V. team… I got a hold of the actual transcript, with his interview with the New Yorker and it was pretty clear he was talking about ISIS.”

Over at the Washington Post, Kessler wrote about the lie:

President Obama repeated a claim, crafted by the White House communications team, that he was not “specifically” referring to the Islamic State terror group when he dismissed the militants who had taken over Fallujah as a “JV squad.” But The Fact Checker had obtained the previously unreleased transcript of the president’s interview with The New Yorker, and it’s clear that’s who the president was referencing.

Kessler gave Obama a four Pinocchios rating for trying to spin his ISIS statement.


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