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Hello, Suckers! Now, Shut Up

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“Hello, Suckers!” That was the rallying cry of the legendary Texas Guinan, the Queen of the Nightclubs in Prohibition New York, welcoming the marks to her boozy speakeasies.  It’s also the slogan of the GOP wing of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party, whose collaborationist “leadership” is poised once again to stick its finger in the eyes of all the suckers who just put them in power in both chambers of Congress.  Amnesty? Obamacare? They never met a Democrat they didn’t want to cuddle up to.

Why, looky here — it’s Trent Lott, the former Ole Miss cheerleader turned GOP leader in the Senate who lost his cushy gig when he opened his mouth once too often, and now makes ends meet as a revolving-door lobbyist in Washington. But not to worry, he’s still talking:

“I do get agitated when we have some new people come to Washington and they start trying to dictate what the leadership should do or how they should proceed. I’m not saying they shouldn’t speak up, but when you’ve got a leadership team that you elect, you should listen to them a little bit. We got a lot of potential leaders in Washington. What we need more of is a few more followers that will help actually produce a result.”

By a “result,” of course, he means a deal with the other half of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party, with whom the GOP “leadership” is busy divvying up the swag that pours into the capital.  But not to worry — they’ll be back, telling us how they’re going to “fight,” just as soon as Campaign 2016 heats up in earnest.