All Good Things...

After four terrific years with PJ Media and PJTV, this has been my last day here.

I’m moving on to another opportunity, and looking forward to taking on some new challenges. I won’t be blogging, but I will still be enjoying PJ every day. I might pop up in comments or a column every now and then. As Roger said when he departed PJ, this is sayonara but not goodbye. Since I won’t be writing so much, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to actually enjoying all that planet PJ has to offer.


Before I leave, I just want to thank the whole PJ team for everything. Working in this sprawling venture has been a wonderful experience. The team at HQ welcomed me with open arms from the beginning and placed a lot of faith in me when we launched Tatler together. Aaron, Roger, Sandra and Chad have been great leaders to work with, and have become more than colleagues to me — friends. Friends who let me free range blog, backed me up when I reported from the border, traveled with me to places like CPAC and Charleston, and have been ever faithful allies. Thank you for giving me a home here.

The fact is, this PJ team is incredibly talented and it has been an honor just to be a part of it. PJ plays a vital role on the center-right. It’s tough to leave, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and so here we are. I have every confidence that this amazing team will keep powering PJ to success after success, thanks in huge part to our wonderful readers, viewers and commenters.


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