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New White House Gruber Spin: The Videos Are Old!

ABC’s Jon Karl quizzed White House spokesman Josh Earnest about the Gruber-gate videos during today’s press briefing.

Earnest re-iterated some of President Obama’s spin — that he disagrees with what Gruber said — and then launched into new spin that rests on two hooks.

One, the Republicans want to talk about Gruber to distract America from Obamacare’s alleged successes.

The problem with that spin is that Republicans didn’t dig up the Gruber videos. A regular guy dug them up. Plus, most Americans still oppose Obamacare and hardly anyone sees it as a “success.”

The second hook is an utter irrelevance, and mostly a lie. Earnest claimed that the videos are “6 to 8 years old.”

They are not. They date from 2013 back to about 2009. The only video in the Gruber-gate set that is 8 years old is the one in which President Obama, then a senator, admits to “borrowing liberally” from Jon Gruber.

Apparently Earnest believes that the age of the recording renders it moot, no matter what the future president actually says on the recording. Or something. Take a look at video of Josh Earnest’s spin cycle, on the next page.


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