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Hey Look, Mary Landrieu Suddenly Wants to Vote on the Keystone Pipeline (Video Added) UPDATE: Hmmmm



Sen. Landrieu seems to have forgotten that two of those three senators don’t control the Senate. Yet.

If Reid does what she wants, he knows that he is setting up a showdown with President Obama. Which may be fine with Reid at this point. Reid hasn’t been shy about blaming Obama for the Democrats’ bloodbath.

That showdown, if it happens, might help Landrieu a little but she’s probably already a dead senator walking. Cassidy is ahead and while he is getting help from the GOP, Landrieu is not getting help from her party. She’s reduced to having campaign events in people’s driveways now.

A Keystone vote will pick a fight with Obama, on an issue on which he stands on the radical, losing side.

Let the games begin.

UPDATE: Here’s video of Sen. Landrieu’s heartfelt plea to vote on the Keystone pipeline. Left unsaid, the fact that her party is now owned by billionaire Tom Steyer, and he will only remain the Democrats’ sugar daddy if they block and reject the KXL.

“The public has clearly spoken,” Landrieu says, which is true. But Steyer speaks louder, and the Democrats think the voters are “stupid” anyway.

UPDATE: Hmmmmm. Maybe Reid will allow a vote.