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Graham: Obama Acting Like a 'Spoiled Child' After Midterm Upset

Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) first read on President Obama’s reaction to the election results? “Spoiled child,” the senator told Fox on Sunday.

“He is in denial about what happened. He is arrogant about the results. You don’t have to look at the tea leaves to understand what happened. The American people put a stop sign outside the Oval Office. All he’s got to do is look at it,” Graham said.

“They didn’t embrace us as Republicans, but this ‘I’m going to do it by myself on immigration because I’m tired and impatient’ is really not worthy of the office. He should be sitting down with us on all fronts, including immigration.”

Graham, who was part of the group of eight that crafted an immigration reform compromise last year, predicted “there will be a backlash in the country” if Obama “goes it alone on immigration.”

“He’s completely tone-deaf as to the results of this election,” he added.

The senator stressed that “when it comes to his foreign policy, the biggest loser of the midterm, I think, is Iran, because with a Republican-controlled Senate, we can have votes on foreign policy matters that Harry Reid blocked.”

Reid initially vowed to bring a bill levying additional sanctions on Iran if talks fail to the floor, supported by a veto-proof Democratic majority. The Senate majority leader backed off on the White House’s insistence that it would anger Tehran and hurt talks.

“The first vote I want to take is, if there’s a deal with Iran over their nuclear program, I want to bring it to the United States Senate for an up or down vote so we can look at it,” Graham said.

But all in all, he stressed, the GOP needs to put its foot down on Obama’s “immaturity.”

“Don’t take the bait as Republicans. If he’s going to act immature on immigration, let’s don’t answer him in kind,” he said.

“There is a deal to be had on infrastructure. Our highway trust fund is woefully short of money. We drive further on a gallon of gas. We have got a shortage in the trust fund. There’s $2 trillion of American-held profits overseas by American-owned companies that won’t come back at 35 percent,” Graham continued.

“There’s a lot of bipartisan support for a 10 percent rate to bring that money back into the United States and put it in the highway trust fund so we can build our roads, bridges and ports. Do not let the president’s immature reaction on immigration stop us from working with him when we can and push him to do more, not less.”