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Sad Sack Sharpton Skewers Clintons, Spares Obama

Somehow Reverend Al Sharpton thought an on-air rant impaling the Clintons for the Republican landslide would make for better ratings than ID’ing president Obama as the culprit. What was he thinking? So far, Hillary is the only viable 2016 candidate Democrats have, and she still has the weight of Benghazi to overcome. I mean the number of skeletons bulging out of Hillary’s closet almost makes former VP turned unofficial climate czar Al Gore and scandal-clad former presidential contender John Edwards look appealing. But that’s another conversation all together.

Eeyore or Eyesore?

Time has been unkind to Al Sharpton as the older he gets the more he looks and acts like Eeyore. Yet maybe autocorrect is right. After all, it suggested editing “Eeyore” to “Eyesore” giving me an instant permagrin. Unfortunately, that smiles faded moments later when I engaged my keyboard again with fair questions like, Why is Sharpton on the air in the first place? He’s not the brightest or most articulate man on the planet and he certainly isn’t eye-candy, witty, a go-getter-journalist type or known for accuracy or PC reporting. In fact, he was relegated to yesterday’s footnotes years ago and has received his fair share of pockmarks for being a racist and a huge fraud.

Unless Sharpton has mega dirt on MSNBC network execs or is paying them out the wazoo, why on Earth is he on the air? I admit he’s a character along the lines of Imus or Gary Busey, yet why would anyone including MSNBC want their political analysis from a snake oil salesman albeit circus act like Al Sharpton?

Republicans don’t have to worry about compromise as much as talk show host Bill O’Reilly says in his post-election mantra to turn the tide against Hillary. All they have to do is rely on talking-head-has-beens like Al Sharpton to make Hillary a two-time presidential bridesmaid.