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Despite Election and Reality, Senate Dems Still Focused on Climate Hysteria

Laser-like lunacy.

Four Senate leaders on Friday urged President Barack Obama not to retreat from promises of strong domestic carbon cutting goals and significant aid to developing countries to combat climate change given new Republican leadership in Congress, which is expected to be hostile to such policies.

The Democratic chairs of four Senate committees – Foreign Relations, Environment and Public Works, Finance and Budget – wrote to Obama, asking him to uphold promises he made at a high-profile UN climate summit in September.

“A strong target for American emissions reductions after 2020 will build upon our actions to reduce carbon pollution domestically, and convince other countries to help forge a strong international agreement at the 21st Conference of the Parties in 2015,” they wrote, referring to the pivotal climate summit set to be held in Paris next year.

Victories in Tuesday’s mid-term elections mean Republicans will take control of the Senate and expand their majority in the House of Representatives, putting Obama’s priority climate change strategy in peril.

Expected Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said his first priority will be to “do whatever I can to get the Environmental Protection Agency reined in,” he said, referring to the agency’s proposed regulations to limit carbon pollution from power plants.

Sure, Democrats and their media mouthpieces are paying some lip-service to the results of Tuesday’s elections but they have been mostly proceeding as if they are blissfully unaware that it was all a referendum on the nonsense they have been attempting to foist on the American public for the last six years.

The electorate was quite clear as to what it thinks about the pet issues of the Progressive Media Bubble. While we’re worried about ISIS, the real jobs numbers and border security, they’re banning plastic shopping bags and screaming, “SCIENCE!” like foreign students who just learned one word from the old Thomas Dolby video.

Americans want to focus on real problems, not lining the pockets of Al Gore’s cronies or a war on women that never existed. It is the duty of Republican leadership to make sure that the Democrats understand that right now.

As one president recently put it, “Elections have consequences.”

So let’s hope the GOP can give them some tough-love clarity on that.