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WATCH Chris Matthews UNLOAD on Obama's Rampant Arrogance

You know things are bad for Barack Obama when Chris Matthews’ tingles turn into a tantrum.

Matthews, a lifelong Democrat who worked for the late House Speaker Tip O’Neill*, took to MSNBC’s air after Obama’s press conference Wednesday. Matthews usually hails Obama for his soaring rhetoric, but he was having none of that after Obama’s strange, sometimes petulant and intentionally divisive performance.

What Matthews did instead is have a breakthrough. He finally noticed that behind all the lofty speeches is a politician who only sees what he wants to see and who intends to do whatever he wants to do, with or without support from the voters or even his own party. Matthews exposes Obama’s total inability to compromise, and what Obama really meant when he claimed to hear the Americans who didn’t vote in the mid-terms, as if they are Obama’s silent base.

“There’s something in this guy that just plays to his constituency and acts like there’s no other world out there,” Matthews said, adding that that means America is headed for a “collision” on illegal immigration because Obama refuses to recognize any position on it besides his own. Matthews agreed that if Obama takes unilateral action on illegal immigration, it will be like “waving a red flag in front of a bull,” as Sen. Mitch McConnell warned Wednesday.

Matthews, an old school Democrat who may hate Republicans but still values the Constitution and the two-party system, gets a lot right in that segment, but he still fails to realize one thing. Obama wants and must have confrontation. He was never interested in being president of all of America. Compromise is not in his make-up. It’s just not there. Those of us who oppose Obama’s agenda, and that may now include some Democrats, are illegitimate to him. So is the Constitution with its restraints on his power.

The trained community organizer has to have division in order to generate anger and get his way. The collision that Matthews fears, Obama embraces.

h/t Soopermexican

*I originally wrote that Matthews worked for Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Which was wrong.

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