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Holder Sending Poll Watchers to 18 States to Prevent 'Intimidation'

Irony alert! Attorney General Eric Holder is sending dozens of poll watchers to 18 states to guarantee an election that’s “fair” and “nonpartisan.”

Lay aside the fact that Holder is considered by many to be the most partisan AG in history, the question of what is “fair” needs to be addressed. Holder is sending the poll watchers to ensure that the election is free of “intimidation, discrimination or obstruction.”

The Hill:

This is the first major federal election since the Supreme Court overturned parts of the Voting Rights Act in Shelby County v. Holder.

The Court ruled that the formula used to determine which states needed to clear voting rights changes by the Justice Department was unconstitutional. That allowed nine states, as well as some counties in other states, to change voting laws without checking with the Justice Department to ensure that the changes aren’t discriminatory.

Holder used his statement to slam voter ID laws in a number of states. He called those laws “restrictive,” “burdensome” and “out of step with history.” But he emphasized that the Justice Department has to protect existing laws.

What a crock. Holder didn’t like DOMA and refused to enforce it. Why should we believe him when he absolutely loathes Voter ID laws and piously proclaims his intent to enforce all the laws?

The mission of these poll watchers is not to ensure a “fair” election. It is to intimidate those who do. If a Republican poll watcher challenges someone’s credentials for voting, will that be considered “intimidation” or “obstruction”? Of course it will.

Also out in the hinterlands will be poll watchers for Common Cause, the Soros-backed group that thinks itself a guardian of the ballot:

A group funded by billionaire George Soros has joined forces with a civil rights law organization in Washington, D.C., to take up poll watching duties in 16 states on Election Day.

Common Cause staffers and volunteers are poised to spend Tuesday “assisting voters and monitoring the process at polling places” in 16 states, the group said in an email to supporters, The Daily Caller reported. “Three of our staff attorneys will be working at Election Protection headquarters in Washington, D.C., to help field calls to the … hotline … from voters and election monitors across the country.”

“Assisting” voters? No doubt part of their mission is to see that every single possible voter is allowed to cast a ballot — even if they’re not eligible to do so.

It’s nice that these liberals want to be so helpful on election day, but if they put half the energy into sniffing out voter fraud as they do in trying to muck up the works, the country would be better for it.