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Greg Abbott Leads the Way as the Republicans Crush Wendy Davis and the Democrats in Texas

Battleground Texas rode into the Lone Star State promising to make the state more competitive for Democrats.

They have failed. Not only that, the Texas Democrats might have been better off if the president’s personal political support group had never shown up in Texas.

Their brightest star, governor nominee Wendy Davis, flamed out. Despite the backing of President Obama, the media, Hollywood and rich liberal trial lawyers (or perhaps because of all of that), Davis underperformed the Democrats’ showing in 2010. Bill White lost to Gov. Rick Perry 54-42 four years ago. Wendy Davis is set to lose 58-31. Or maybe 57-32.

Read that again. The Democrats lost ground compared to where they were four years ago, and where they were four years ago in Texas was not a good place at all. They couldn’t win a thing statewide. They couldn’t even make it close.

They still can’t.

From Governor-elect Greg Abbott to Lt. Gov-elect Dan Patrick to Land Commissioner-elect George P. Bush to Sen. John Cornyn, from the statewide party to the county level, the Republicans have destroyed the Democrats in Texas. Destroyed.

All the president’s henchmen and all the president’s canvassers and social media mavens could not even make the races interesting.

Battleground Texas may as well move on to prey on some other state. Texas will just repel them again if they stay.