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Bad Twitter Theater on Election Day

Here we’ll keep an eye out for the best/worst Election Day tweets. If you see tweets that you think we ought to include, send them to editors – at – pjmedia – dot – com. They have to be real tweets, nothing staged.

We’ll start off with a nod from the so-called elite media.


Just in case MSNBC deletes, here’s a screencap.


MSNBC either has the wrong Scott in mind, or the wrong state. Either way, they’re just wrong.

Here’s one that was sent out by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon to encourage people to vote. We’re not sure that it accomplishes that mission.


Crack kills, governor. His social media people must agree, as they’ve switched out the photo above for something that’s a little less hilarious.

Update: Can’t you just feel the excitement at this Mark Udall rally? No? Wake up!

Update: How about some celebrity versus celebrity action. Here’s Bette Midler, student of the school that believes that BIG LETTERS=BIG WINS.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan makes some sense.

Update: MSNBC is confused again.



If McConnell and Grimes are tied in Kansas, that would be news. They’re running in Kentucky.