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CAIR Needs A Four-Letter Name Change to HATE

Imagine my surprise when I read names of some of my closet and most admired colleagues headlining CAIR’s recently published hate list of, you guessed it: Islamaphobes. Lone wolves might consider this list a fatwa (Islamic hit list). Most surprisingly, is the absence of other close colleagues and friends deep in this space like Dr. Walid Phares, Eugene Kontorovich, Asaf Romirowsky, Cliff May and William Daroff that has me puzzled. I guess CAIR is showing they’re lacking in the research department to miss these outstanding experts who spend their lives writing and shaping Middle East policy.

So which of my contacts made CAIR’s “ridiculist”? Political commentator, former congressman, Col. Allen West, Middle East scholar and president of the Middle East Forum Daniel Pipes, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, founder, editor and publisher of Atlas Shrugs, Pamela Gellar, and national security expert and political analyst Ryan Mauro.

But isn’t publishing a list like this completely laughable? I mean, we know it’s not a Halloween prank but it might as well be. CAIR is no stranger to FBI investigations and federal indictments. It was heavily entwined with the Holy Land Foundation, the largest and most crooked deep pocket charity for Hamas terrorists. So when CAIR puts out what looks like a vigilante list of upstanding Americans who are influential and mold much of the policy affecting the Middle East, this only raises eyebrows not just of journalists like me who are involved in and write about national security concerns but the three letter U.S. agencies who will now have even more eagle eyes on CAIR’s every move.

Bravo, CAIR. That’s one way to get the Feds to follow your every keystroke, phone call, email, text, and online move and virtually every physical and financial iota you and your affiliates make. You know the song by the Police, “Every Breath You Take,” well it applies to your organization, its members and assigns.

Duh. Get a Clue

It’s not like our CIA and FBI agents have no idea who you are or where you are. I should know as many of the colleagues I interact with on a regular basis also interact with agents from these agencies. I personally know this as I have known federal agents since grad school as the head of FBI office in Houston was in most of my classes. So here’s a tip: Don’t publish what looks like a fatwa of prominent U.S. experts who spend most of their waking hours dealing with national security concerns if you don’t want to be the subject of 24×7 surveillance and potential investigation from our federal agents.