Is This NARAL Ad the Most Ridiculous Ad of the Year?

Well, here’s the script. It’s for a NARAL anti-Cory Gardner ad that’s running in Colorado.

Hopefully no voter is actually dumb enough to believe anything in the ad.


Woman: Did you try the corner market?
Man: Of course.
Woman: Grocery store?
Man: Sold out?
Woman: Drug store?
Man: Come on.
Woman: So *everyone’s* sold out of condoms? Hmm. How did this happen?
Man: Cory Gardner banned birth control. And now, it’s all on us guys. And you can’t find a condom *anywhere*. And the pill was just the start. Pell grants my little brother was counting on for college? Cory cut them. Climate change that *everyone* knows is weirding our weather, Cory flat-out denies it. Sweet Pea, Cory denies science.
Woman: Come on!
Man: This guy has no idea what’s going on in the real world.

Sweet Pea?

Apparently NARAL has no idea what’s going on in the real world, or they’re banking on their voters not having a clue. In the real world, Rep. Gardner advocates over-the-counter birth control, which obviously means that he isn’t going about to ban anything.


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